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January 6, Year 6 - Villains - Page 3 Empty Re: January 6, Year 6 - Villains

February 13th 2020, 8:35 pm
OOC: I'm not sure where Chickadee and Moze's pups are at this moment. Did Moze move them further into the burrow and now she's on top of them protecting them? Or did she move the ones that are destined to survive, and she's only standing on top of the ones that are going to be killed?

When Warpath hands Cindy the pup, Cindy knows what to do. She is not bloodthirsty or sadistic... like some of the Lavas may be... but she is smart and loyal. She takes care of her job quickly and, in her mind, as humanely as possible. She doesn't dwell on it. She stays where she is in the tunnel... not too close to Poison, but not too far away that she can't act as backup if need be.

Jonna's eyes widen as Toxic kills the pup in front of her, and then widen again when Poison Dart starts slashing its body. Okay... clearly her sister was just insane. Blinded by her love for Poison, she doesn't even consider the fact that this whole raid - all of these pup's deaths - is in fact being actively and very openly orchestrated by her mother.

Gali has to turn and walk away. She doesn't even care who sees her. This is just plain wrong. Killing helpless newborn pups? They haven't done anything to deserve this. They were innocent. She knows very well that life isn't always kind, but this is just crossing a line.

Rozzelle lays down, eyes clothed and breathing shallowly. She only vaguely registers what's going on around her. Malnutrition is starting to get the better of her.
Mzuri hears Kitanda's urgent bark, and turns around to see her chatting to Pacific. Narrowing her eyes in confusing, Mzuri walks over, wondering what the fuss could be about. Paris was attempting to forage, but as soon as he notices Mzuri move away, he follows her over.

Endymion completely missed Silvertongue's morsel due to his brother's smart thinking, but Piper is not so lucky. He spots her with a centipede and immediately rushes in. Before she can even notice him, he grabs the other end of the centipede in his mouth and tries to pull it away from her.

Diem sticks near Venom. She doesn't really pay any mind to her calling out, focusing too much on foraging. She finds a small beetle, and drops it in front of Venom. This beetle is for you! she says sweetly. Even though she's hungry too, Venom obviously needs the food more urgently. So she can share for now, and get her fill later... not realizing she's interrupting Venom.

Lizziekam notices Turahn smile at her and gives him a soft smile back, but isn't sure what else to do. She really doesn't know him that well. She continues to focus on foraging, but glances back at him out of the corner of her eye.

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