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  • Days on the Manor

  • Meet the Linklus

    Formed in Year 1 by wild meerkats Lilifey and Gustov, the Linklus are a benevolent group with strong values. Newcomers are readily accepted, and injuring pups is forbidden. They're the oldest group in the area, and have come a long way over the years, having faced several challenges in their history. Though they've have decreased in numbers, they remain a steady and stable force in the Kalahari.

    Veteran dominant female Lilifey still leads the group, but after the disappearance of her fourth mate Thunder, she is reluctant to take another except for the sake of the group.

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    March 18th 2020, 5:05 pm
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  • Meet the Villains

    When they were first seen in Year 1, the Villains were already a huge group. These meerkats were enemies to the Linklus from day one, when founder Kiwi tried, unsuccessfully, to kidnap their pups. This rivalry is less powerful these days, but is likely to respark in the future. This feisty mob is known for their inter-group drama, but they are mostly neutral in nature. Ever since Kiwi's disappearance, dominance has been uncertain. Rivalries in this group are very powerful.

    Currently, Kiwi's daughter Mzuri and wild male Basilisk lead the Villains.

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    February 13th 2020, 8:35 pm
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  • Meet the Lavas

    Formed from a splinter group of Villains in Year 4, the Lavas quickly developed into a ferocious and chaotic group all their own. Fueled by the ambition of ruthless ex-Linklus dominant female, Volcanopaw, the Lavas were a force to be reckoned with in their day. After she was killed by her daughter Poison, the Lavas lost some of their reputation. However, being every bit as ambitious as her mother and at least twice as violent, the warlike Lavas are slowly making a comeback. Their main rivals are the Unspeakables, although they tend to clash with their neighbors, the Villains and Linklus as well, and are viable to become a significant threat in the future.

    The Lavas are still led by Poison and her Kitties mate, Toxic.

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    August 16th 2018, 6:37 pm
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  • Meet the Anklebiters

    A mob unusual in both structure and history, the Anklebiters were formed in Year 4 by a group of orphaned pups. More pups soon joined them, and they managed to survive for a long time without incident. That is, until Lavas male Voldemort began teaching Luchina about dominance. Using their loved ones to control them, Luchina and Voldemort ruled with fear to keep their subordinates in line, shattering the peaceful world that the Anklebiters had once known. As expected, the group revolted against Luchina in Voldemort's absence, killing her and ending her tyranny. The Anklebiters are still conflicted, however, and will likely never be the same. Their main adversaries are the Unspeakables, where Voldemort still reigns.

    Dominance, and their future, is currently unclear. However, several members are against having any one meerkat in charge of the mob.

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    February 17th 2020, 6:27 pm
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  • Meet the Unspeakables

    The Unspeakables were formed by a splinter group comprised of Voldemort's followers in Year 5, shortly after his littermate Poison rose to power. Aside from their interactions with the Lavas, the Unspeakables are still in the process of making an name for themselves, but have grown into an ambitious and dangerous group of aggressive, volatile meerkats, with the exception of a few. Like his sister, Voldemort is eager to make his mark and has no mercy for his enemies. The Unspeakables have a particularly nasty rivalry with their mother group, the Lavas, but pose a significant threat to the Anklebiters, as well.

    The group is led by Voldemort, but in his absence, his loyal follower Kaina will step up to support him.

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    February 17th 2020, 6:43 pm
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  • Meet the Clawshades

    Although previously vicious rivals, the Clawshades were formed in Year 5, in the aftermath of a battle between the Shades and Clawdiggers. When a predator showed up, dominant females Dark Rose and Dagger disappeared in the confusion, and the two struggling mobs grouped together for survival. Although they've been together for a few months, it's unclear what kind of mob they will become...

    Shades female Blood Lily currently leads this group, but a dominant male has yet to step forward.

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    November 24th 2017, 7:47 pm
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  • Meet the Vermilions

    The Vermilions are a new appearance in the Kalahari, having been formed early in Year 6 by meerkats from various mobs. As this group is still developing, not a lot is known about them, but we do have a few ideas and guidelines for what they'll develop into:

    • 1. neutral; not evil, but fierce, strong, and strict
    • 2. more realistic, where pregnancies and leadership is concerned (infanticide, evictions)
    • 3. border fights and burrow raids are common
    • 4. survival is key; very competitive, the mob comes first (especially in drought)
    • 5. somewhat tight-knit, though drama is common

    These are just guidelines, this is a new mob and will develop over time, this is just meant to separate us from our other neutral mob, the Villains and possibly the Clawshades and Lavas, as well.

    Dominance in this group is not decided, and likely to be contested for some time. This will give different people a chance, especially future new members, and provide an opportunity for it to develop in the roleplay.

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    September 9th 2018, 9:55 am
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  • Rainbow Bridge

    When a meerkat is claimed by the desert, their spirit leaves their body and finds its way to Rainbow Bridge, the spiritual plane where characters cannot be injured. They can talk, have healing abilities in groups, and their ghostly form shines slightly. Rainbow Bridge is split into two halves: light and dark. Here, meerkats keep watch over their loved ones in pools.
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    February 28th 2020, 5:22 pm
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