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MOB HISTORY: Linklus Empty MOB HISTORY: Linklus

August 16th 2018, 7:18 pm
NOTE: THIS WILL BE SHORTENED LATER! Please no one point out how terribly long it is, I'm perfectly aware LMAO

Linklu Origins
2/14/2006 - 1/5/2007

The Linklus were first formed on February 14th, Year 1 (2006) when wild female, Lilifey and wild male, Gustov were seen together.  Lilifey was pregnant, and exactly two weeks later on February 28th, she gave birth to two daughters, Sophie and Sicily.  They were somehow able to keep both pups alive at the burrow until they reached three weeks of age, when they began foraging early due to the lack of members.  Even at this early age, Sophie displayed aggression towards her sister, an oversight the Linklus would come to regret later.  On June 10th, Lilifey gave birth to her second litter, females Millie and Cassie and her first son, Temp.  A few days later, a few rovers pass by them, but otherwise the pups reach three weeks without incident.  Like their older sisters, Temp, Millie, and Cassie began foraging early.  Millie grew attached to Sicily, who was mature for her age.  The two stayed close to each other.  Lilifey gave birth to two more daughters on September 24th, Li Shun and Sphinx.  Unlike their siblings, Li Shun and Sphinx did not begin foraging until four weeks of age, because on separate occasions, both Sophie and Sicily helped their parents look after them, despite being only 6 months old.

Up until this point, life in the Linklus had been a struggle, but the family had grown rather uneventfully.  However, this all changed on November 9th, when they were attacked by a larger wild group.  Unfortunately, dominant male Gustov was fatally injured in this battle, and later passed away from his injuries.  From November 10th, Year 1 (2006) to January 5th, Year 2 (2007), Lilifey is visited by several roving males.  However, she never gets pregnant (or aborts) and none of them stay.  Without a mate, Lilifey was unable to reproduce, putting the progression of the Linklus at a standstill...

Sophie's Reign
1/17/2007 - 7/6/2007

On January 17th, Sophie mated with a wild rover.  She later gave birth on March 27th to a daughter, Emeraldheart and a son, Rascal.  Seeing as she had no mate, Lilifey didn't think much of it, as she couldn't produce pups anyway.  Unfortunately, on April 3rd Sophie's aggression accelerated, thus beginning a turbulent time in their history.  She challenged her mother for dominance, but was unsuccessful.  On the same day, wild rover Cougar immigrated into the mob and showed interest in Lilifey.  He didn't stay long, however, as the next day Sophie once again challenged Lilifey, and evicted her, at which point Cougar ran off.  Another wild rover, Nick, immigrated in as the new dominant male at Sophie's side.  Fortunately, Lilifey was allowed back in the Linklus the following day (April 5th) but was shortly after enticed by Salmoni roving male, Victor.  When Sophie realized that the two mated, she evicted her mother once again.  On April 6th, Lilifey remained evicted, but stayed close to the group.  She was joined by wild male, Chris, who tried to comfort her.  A few days later on April 9th, both Lilifey and Chris were allowed back into the Linklus as subordinates.

On June 13th, Sophie gave birth to 10 pups (?!) females Hortense, Tawny, Volcanopaw, and Sabbath, and males Rexy, Mickey, Rowdy, Yates, Maxy, and Capono.  On June 14th, Lilifey gave birth to females, Lily and Camille, and male Remy.  The following day, Sophie asserted her dominance on Lilifey, and Chris stepped up to defend her.  As a result, Sophie conducted a risky burrow move, leaving Chris, Lilifey, and her three pups behind.  Cougar was found dead, and his orphaned son, CJ (aka Cougar Jr.) was discovered nearby.  Lilifey adopted him, and Chris returned to the Linklus for help.  After fighting (I assume with Sophie or Nick?) he was finally able to get Sicily to help them move Lilifey's defenseless pups to the new burrow.  

Sophie and Lilifey steer clear of each other.  When the pups are about two weeks old, Lilifey's son Remy left his siblings to explore the burrow complex, and stumbled upon Sophie's pups.  He didn't stay long, as most were aggressive towards him, but Sophie's son Mickey was curious and followed him back to discover Camille and Lily, as well.  Remy wants to play with him; Mickey is confused at first, but with Camille's encouragement, he eventually gets the hang of it.  Instead of returning to his own siblings, Mickey remains with Lilifey's pups.  

On July 5th, all 13 pups emerge at the same time.  Sphinx is left to babysit them, but feeling something is wrong, Lilifey and Sicily return to the burrow to discover that a pup fight has broken out below ground.  Volcanopaw, Mickey's sister, sees herself as a dominant in training.  She was angry that her brother 'abandoned' them and saw him as a traitor.  She attacked him relentlessly and when Lilifey's pups tried to help him, she attacked them, too.  Shocked, the two separate the pups, and the fighting stops.  Lilifey returns foraging and Sicily stays with her sister to keep the pups under control.  Meanwhile, young Remy has wandered outside, and strayed too close to a puff adder.  Sicily gets bitten whilst rescuing him.  During her absence, Volcanopaw attacked Mickey again, and Lily defended him.  Sicily found the pups fighting below ground and brought everything under control.  (wtf is Sphinx doing at this time?)  On the same day, a female named Kiwi is chased off by the group while trying to steal pups.  When she's followed, it's discovered that she leads her own large group called the Villains.

The following day, July 6th, a huge fight over dominance broke out between Sophie and Lilifey.  In the confusion, Sophie accidentally attacked her daughter Tawny, blinding her in one eye.  Furious, Sophie blamed Lilifey and continued attacking her mother.  Following Sophie's example, Volcanopaw attacked Mickey ruthlessly, nearly killing him in the process.  Desperately, Sicily took Mickey outside to rescue him.  The dominance fight ended in Sophie's eviction, ending her tyranny at last.  Nick and most of her pups followed her, with them exception of Tawny and Mickey, who were both too injured to travel.

The Recovery
7/19/2007 - 11/12/2007

By July 19th, everything was back to normal.  Mickey was completely healed, but Tawny would always be blind in one eye.  The period of time between July 20th, Year 2 (2007) and June 10th, Year 3 (2008) was rather uneventful and only two pups were born during this time.  Wild meerkats Rintan and Alayla brought Soultouch and Kisho into the world before disappearing, after coming down with TB.  Sphinx, Li Shun, CJ, and Lily also disappeared, and were never seen again.

On June 20th, the Linklus have the first of many encounters with their soon to be rivals, the Villains.  Many of them receive minor and major injuries, including Sicily with a broken wrist, and Lilifey is forced into a humiliating retreat.  Evicted, injured Villain female, Natalie, is accepted into the Linklus.  Four days later on June 24th, Lilifey and Chris were observed mating.  Sneezle rover Mick enticed Tawny, and she became pregnant.  He later met up with lost Villain female, Nzinga, to form the GoEasy mob.  The following day, the Linklus got in another fight with the Villains, and aided by the GoEasys, were able to defeat them.  Nzinga was injured, so she and Mick stayed with the Linklus for a night.  On June 29th, Chris unfortunately passed away due to illness, and Nick returned to the group.

Lilifey gave birth on September 20th to females Minnie and Sabrina, and to males Peeps and Scarlo.  On the same day, Tawny gave birth to males Junior and Kona, and female Esmerelda.  Two days later on September 22nd, the Villains led a burrow raid on the Linklus, but were chased off with the help the GoEasys.  Sadly, Mickey was killed by Cubongo and Rilu.  The next day, Weathers male Thunder immigrated in as the new dominant male.  Once again, the Villains launched an attack on the Linklus burrow and killed young Sabrina.  Thunder proved himself by killing the Villains male, DarkDeath.

On September 24th, a young female with a twisted leg named Amira joined the group.  The next day, the Linklus steal Villain land and attack their burrow, only to retreat after a bloody battle.  During this battle, Volcanopaw, who had not been seen since Sophie's disappearance, used a pup to shield herself knowing the Linklus would never harm a pup.  Afterwards, Amira's sister Hyena and Sneezle female Dutchess join, but Dutchess leaves shortly after.  On November 12th, Amira became pregnant when she mated with wild male, Sai.  On this day, the Linklus chase off ex-Villains Cubongo, who is followed by GoEasys female Maria, who later formed the Misfits mob.

The Linklus have come a long way since Sophie's disappearance... They've had several losses, but they are once again strong and prosperous.  They gained both a rival and an ally.  And with a new dominant male at her side, Lilifey and her family were set to enter their glory days.

The Golden Age
1/4/2008 - 5/29/2008

On January 4th, Year 4 (2008) two females became pregnant... Lilifey mated with her dominant male Thunder for the first time, and Natalie mated with a wild male.  With the addition of Amira, this left two unrelated subordinates pregnant.  Lilifey was concerned, but considering the nature of the Linklus, chose to ignore it.  A male named Uberkat immigrated into the group, and showed an interest in Hyena.  

The next day, things were not so peaceful.  Uberkat tried to mate with Hyena, but Thunder intervened.  From the moment the mob awakened, there seemed to be a storm brewing, and when it began to rain, the Linklus were forced to take shelter in the same bolthole as the Villains, led by pregnant Volcanopaw.  Tensions high, they remained together until the storm ended.  Above ground, a short fight broke out, until Volcanopaw started to experience abdominal pain.  Worried about her unborn pups, she retreated.  In the confusion, Amira, Minnie, and Temp all accidentally followed the Villains, thinking that they were the Linklus.  With the help of Villain females Jewel and Laura, Temp and Minnie were able to return safely.  Amira, however, remained with the Villains.  Laura returned to her own group, but Jewel joins the Linklus.

It was January 6th, and Amira was still missing.  She was actually being held in the newly formed Lavas mob against her will, but the Linklus didn't know that... Believing Amira to be in the Villains mob, Lilifey led the Linklus into their territory.  They discover that Kiwi had regained control of the group, and a battle ensued, in which rover male, Tofu, viciously attacked Lilifey in an attempt to impress Kiwi.  Lilifey was severely injured, especially on the neck, and the Linklus are forced to retreat.  It wasn't clear whether or not their matriarch would survive the night, but she was still alive the next morning, although very weak.  Sicily reluctantly led the group out, and Thunder remained at Lilifey's side.  A new female named Sapphirestar also stayed at the burrow, but she was gone before the end of the day.

On January 8th, Lilifey was still recovering, but strong enough to lead the Linklus once again.  At long last, Amira returned, but there was obviously something different about her... that morning, she had given birth early... Volcanopaw had only kept her around for her pups, and evicted her the second they were born.  Amira desperately urged the Linklus to rescue them.  After what happened recently, Lilifey was hesitant to invade a strange group's territory, but luckily the rescue mission was successful and all six pups were brought back to the burrow safely: females Violet, Rembla, Cherish, and Jazmine, and males Charybdis and Pip.  Two days later, the Linklus fought with the Lavas, and forced them into a retreat.  Unfortunately, after the battle, poor little Scarlo is discovered dead.  He was already sick beforehand, and passed away as a result.

On January 20th, the Linklus gained two new members.  One was a wild female, named Cassidee.  The other was Villains female Keita, who had been separated from the Villains and had become very weak and malnourished.  The group helped her sister Natalie nurse Keita back to health, and thankfully, the rest of the day went by without incident.  The next day was also uneventful, aside from Natalie giving birth to three daughters Luna, Selene, and Amy Rose.  On January 22nd, however, things were a little more heated.  Lilifey gave birth to four pups, females Spring, Paramore, and Summer, and a single male, Skippy.  She also adopted her sickly great-grandson, Measles, who had been neglected and abandoned by Lavas female Firework.  A female named Phoenix attempted to 'rescue' him.  Tawny and Amira stopped her, but not before Phoenix blinded Amira in one eye.

The following day, on January 23rd, a female named Shooting Star appeared to the group and came very close to the burrow without submitting.  She was only being friendly, but the Linklus were wary of her, and hesitant to accept her.  Wanting to regain their reputation, Lilifey decided to attack the Villains, and only accepted Shooting Star to increase their numbers.  When the two mobs came face to face, however, the new female refused to fight, but eventually complied when urged to do her part as a member of the Linklus.  Unfortunately, Nick and Natalie were both killed by the Villains, leaving three pups at the burrow without a mother.  Sophie suddenly reappears and mourns Nick.  Despite past conflicts, she is allowed back into the group.  Meanwhile, back at the burrow, Phoenix and Firework once again tried to retrieve Measles.  Babysitter Keita, with the help of with female Svenka, managed to chase the two intruders away.  The next day, the group was still mourning their losses.  Jewel comforted Keita, and Sicily comforted Sophie.  A jackal appeared, but there were no casualties.  Later in the day, Sophie, Shooting Star, and Svenka all dispersed.  

As soon as the group emerged on January 26th, a hawk attacked the burrow, grabbing Camille.  She's able to escape mid-air, but when she hit her head on a rock, she sustained some brain damage and developed amnesia.  At first, the only meerkat she remembered was Tawny, but she slowly began to remember the others throughout the rest of the day.  Remy left to visit Lea in the Villains mob, and Millie was bitten by a snake.  The following day, Amira's pups emerged for the first time, and while babysitting, Sicily chased off Villain rover, Asubuhi.  A female named Phur joined the group.  

Salmoni rover Victor made a reappearance on January 30th.  Lilifey appeared to be very nervous around him, seeing as he was the rover that abandoned her.  He only felt bad for it for selfish reasons, after seeing that she had become dominant.  Despite this, he is allowed into the Linklus by Thunder, but quickly developed into the most disliked member of the group.  New female, Amber, also immigrates into the group.  Later in the day, Amira's pups went foraging for the first time.  One of her daughters, Violet, curiously began exploring, and wandered away from the group.  Before she realized it, she had gotten lost, and by the time she started calling for help, she was too far away for anyone to see or hear her.  In an attempt to find her family, she crossed into Lavas territory.  Meanwhile, none of the adults have noticed her absence, but Violet's sister Rembla (who is usually at her side) has, and alerts the group.  Upon realizing that her daughter was nowhere to be seen, Amira started to panic.  Just then, a hawk passed over, with a snake in its talons.  From the ground, however, the Linklus thought it was Violet, and assumed her to be dead.  What the Linklus didn't realize was that Violet had in fact been discovered by the Lavas mob, who had taken her in.  Amira was completely heartbroken, and it took her quite some time to cope with the loss...

Most of February was uneventful.  On the 2nd, male Kemper and Amber's sister Europa immigrate into the group.  A rover did appear, but was chased off by babysitters Sicily, Tawny, and Amber.  Lilifey's and Natalie's pups emerged on the 12th, and Amber was attacked by a jackal.  On the 14th, Keita, Esmerelda, and Luna are all missing.  The following day, the pups foraged for the first time, and Lilifey fell pregnant again.  Five days later on the 20th, Keita, Esmerelda, and Luna returned, and the Linklus moved burrows.  It wasn't until near the end of the month on the 25th that the peace ended.  Leaving Violet and Laura at home, Volcanopaw attacked the Linklus.  There were no casualties and the Lavas were forced into a retreat.  The next day, ex-Villains male Marsh joined the Linklus, and Lilifey retaliated against the Lavas by attacking first.  Unfortunately, this time there were casualties, as Amber was killed in battle.  Having led the attack, Lilifey blamed herself.  Amber visited Lilifey as a spirit, urging her not to avoid fighting the Lavas in the future just because of her death.  Things remained quiet for the rest of the month.

Europa disappeared on March 1st, and a female named Punkness joined the group.  On March 3rd, males Cujo and Ticker and female Zira are all accepted into the Linklus.  Knowing of Cujo's disease and his tendency to infect other meerkats, spirits Mickey and Lily visit him, and he promises not to use it against others unless he has to.  On March 10th, Zira gets pregnant, and leaves the Linklus.  On March 15th, male Bishamon and female Desdemona appeared, accompanied by Europa, who is revealed to be their mother.  Shortly after, Bloodred male Nero appeared and began displaying aggressive behavior towards Bishamon.  A fight broke out between several meerkats, but in the end, Nero was chased off and the other three meerkats joined the Linklus.  

On March 20th, Amira and Rembla were still coping with the loss of Violet.  Rembla became increasingly distant, and Amira was unsuccessful in encouraging her.  Measles began playing with what he thought was a blade of grass, but was actually a viper's tail.  Sicily came to the rescue, and Measles was unharmed, but Sicily was not so lucky.  She was bitten once on the neck, and again on her side... unfortunately, Lilifey's oldest daughter passed away soon after.  The Linklus mourn Sicily, and bury her.   March 25th, five days later, and the group was still affected by it, especially Measles, who felt responsible for her death... He's become depressed and won't eat.  In addition, Cujo had somehow lost his memory.  A male named Jordoni appeared, but Remy chased him off.  A female named Alyce joined the group.

An eagle owl appeared to the Linklus on April 5th.  The group all made it to the bolthole safely, but Lilifey narrowly escaped its clutches when she went outside to see if it was gone.  Remy, who was returning from visiting Lea in the Villains, also escaped with a few scratches from its talons.  It was at this moment that Tuhi, a 5-week old pup from the now-extinct Infernos mob appeared to the Linklus.  His mother had been taken by a martial eagle just moments before, making him an orphan.  Oblivious to the danger, Tuhi approached the bolthole cautiously, and was rushed in by the heroic dominant male, Thunder.  Amira immediately took an interest in him, and adopted the terrified youngster.  From that moment on, he hardly ever left her side.  A female named Felicity joined the Linklus.

(everything past this point has been guessed due to lack of data)

The Linklus went several months without encountering other groups, and life was uneventful until May 14th when Punkness dispersed, and unfortunately Felicity passed away due to an unknown illness, much to the horror of Tuhi, who discovered her body.  Lilifey's pups, who were born on April 25th, also emerged this day.  Females Vein, Felora, Dynasty, and Gali, and male Collosus.  

On May 21st, Phur disappeared, and there were several additions to the group.  A new female named Crystal joined, but left almost immediately and was killed soon after.  A pup named Hahli is adopted by Lilifey.  Additionally, Crystal's mother/Felicity's daughter Cross joined, but didn't stay long, either. Other new members included ex-Willows male Mata Nui, and ex-Leftwichs male and female HobGoblin and Navajo.  Tuhi began showing strange symptoms of a condition where fear causes him pain.  HobGoblin's father, Makuta, appeared at the burrow near the end of the day.  He attacked Fiver, who ran off.  Makuta's brother, Mata Nui was confused, because he recognized him but didn't understand his behavior... (I believe this is the day that Mata Nui and Soultouch began bonding.)

On May 21st, there was a predator scare that caused chaos in the Linklus, resulting in a split that resulted in the disappearance of Esmerelda, Jewel, Keita, Paramore, Europa, Ticket, Bishamon, Desdemona, and Alyce.  In the confusion, Tuhi panicked and passed out, giving the onlooking Lavas males, Makuta and Rahkshi, the chance to kidnap him.  Makuta recognized the pup, which is why he was targeted.  As the chaos subsided, Amira and Hyena noticed the two males leaving and pursued them.  Unfortunately, their trail was lost in a patch of long grass, and Tuhi was successfully taken to the Lavas without the Linklus realizing it.  Lone female Charlotte and Cross's son Akakubuto were accepted.  May 29th was uneventful, aside from a blind female, Lady and her daughter, Kenya, being accepted.  Amira was upset about Tuhi, but didn't allow herself to be affected by it.

The New Age
9/31/2008 - 10/6/2009

Months later on October 31st, Akakubuto was killed by a meerkat named Kaibutsu.  Lady also dispersed.  Females Linda, Ocean Sun, and Belle-Lune and male Pinquo were accepted, although Ocean Sun was gone by the end of the day.  November 15th was uneventful, aside from Kenya dispersing.  In December, there were several disappearances.  Camille, Hyena, Uberkat, and Spring.  Additionally, Lilifey's sons Rigoletto, Castiel, and Royal Blunder were born.  On January 9th, sisters Zarina and Flo joined the group.  On January 11th, Cassie was predated by a hawk, and Linda passed away from a snake bite.  Fortunately, the Linklus welcomed two new members as well, male Faris and female Elizabeth.  On January 12th, there were several more disappearances: Alias, Charlotte, Belle-Lune, Royal Blunder, Zarina, and Flo.  Additionally, a new female named Sparta joined.

The Linklus were not observed again until six months later on July 12th, when their era of peace ended. On one of the most influential days in rp history, the Lavas attacked the Linklus for the first time in a year and five months. Their numbers, however, had significantly increased since then, and a bloody battle broke out. This was the moment Volcanopaw had been planning for.  Amira was happy to be reunited with her daughter, 

The Drought
1/6/2010 - present

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