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Linklu Rules (BETA) Empty Linklu Rules (BETA)

November 30th 2017, 2:49 pm
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Over the years, we've been adding to this list, in hopes of weeding out the more malicious players lurking out there.  If you make a mistake, don't worry about it too much... no one is perfect! We're pretty understanding here.

General Site Rules

1. Staff members are not exempt from these rules, and may lose their privileges if they break them.

2. There will be no spamming tolerated on Linklu.  In particular, some people will join a forum just to post a bunch of random links all over the site, and that will not be tolerated, even in PMs.

3. Please keep advertising in the appropriate section.  Unless you are having a conversation in private on the subject, please do not use private messages to advertise your site.  Additionally, we'd appreciate it if you would not advertise inappropriate sites.

4. You are absolutely FORBIDDEN to use artwork, character names, or group names that don't belong to you, whether they came from our site or not.

5. If you and another member aren't getting along, or if they're upsetting you, please don't make a scene of it in the public forums, and please don't make the situation worse by fighting with each other.  If there is a problem, the quickest way to resolve it is by contacting a staff member directly.  And most importantly, keep drama out of the roleplay!

6. We want to create a community where everyone feels safe and welcome.  Please don't tease or attack other members.  We're all equals here, so try to get along!

7. When posting, try to post your topic in the appropriate forum!

8. They say common sense isn't all that common, but as long as everyone is courteous and uses good judgment, we're confident that you will enjoy your time here.

9. We love to hear suggestions and feedback! Feel free to post in the appropriate forums if you have something to say.

Roleplaying Rules

1. Killing another member's character without permission is prohibited.  

2. Do not seriously injure another character without permission.  This includes breaking limbs, attacking eyes, or anything else that could be permanent.  Also keep in mind that pregnant females may already have their pups adopted out.

3. Inflicting life-threatening injuries, including the most extreme examples such as ripping fur off the face, which would almost certainly result in death, is prohibited unless the two players have plans for one of them to die.

4. Powerplaying is when you control others characters, especially in a fight.  Controlling someone else's character is forbidden, unless you have permission to do so.  You can control your character's actions... but not how your opponent will react.  Remember, too, that not all attacks will hit, so assuming the other character's injuries can also result in powerplaying.  Exchanging attacks and attempting to injure the other character is the best way to go.  As long as you're conscious of the other player, you should be fine.

5. When fighting, remember that your character is not invincible.  For every couple dodges, a good rule of thumb is to let an attack hit.

6. If the player whose meerkat your character is fighting with isn't replying, wait for them to respond.  Don't take advantage of them just because they're offline.

7. Do not suddenly 'summon' predators or random meerkats to gain advantage in a fight.

8.  Please keep OOC out of the roleplay.  Your character will not know everything you do, so please keep that in mind.  Also remember not to let your feelings towards other members affect how your character reacts... keep things in-character.

9. Please let us know if you are going to be gone longer than a week, especially if you play any dominants.  If you are busy for any length of time, we may need to play dominant characters when necessary to avoid global inactivity on the site.  If inactivity on the site continues, action may need to be taken.  If you keep disappearing, we can't let the mob you lead go hungry or fall inactive.

10. Please, please, PLEASE keep the site child friendly! Particularly when it comes to swearing, and especially mating scenes.  We don't want to see any details... just get it over with for all our sakes.

11. Aside from Rainbow Bridge, our meerkat characters don't talk... They communicate in sounds, expressions, and body language. You can "translate" what they say, or use italics in the place of words. If you're still confused, feel free to ask someone for an example post! It can be confusing at first, but it's really easy once you get the hang of it!

12. Although Linklu is a semi-realistic roleplay, please try to be as realistic as possible in your posts. Your character's actions may have consequences, and a little common sense will go a long way.

13. We allow dominance fights, but please keep in mind that you're not guaranteed to win a spot. A dominant is a huge responsibility and should be taken seriously. Power changes happen, but they are not common. A group may not always support a new leader.

14. The number one rule, of course, is to have fun!

Character Creation Rules

1. Although we do not require bios here at Linklu, it is highly recommended. In the past we've had trouble with too many undeveloped characters, with individual players being the ones to suffer at the hands of their own creativity. Having some sort of basis even for new pups can prevent a lot of problems.

2. You're allowed to be creative with character designs and descriptions, within reason. We'll help you out if something seems a bit extreme. Just don't give them any super bright neon colors or superpowers, or make them unrealistically huge or tiny.  Eye colors are more flexible. Meerkats should not have any clothes, etc.

3. We at Linklu pride ourselves in flexibility, whether it be being able to work with your schedule or, in this case, allowing you to be creative. We want your time here to be a fun experience! Just don't let it get out of hand.

4. Try not to create any Mary Sues or similarly troublesome characters that will make the roleplay less enjoyable. We've all been through that stage, so we understand! All we want is to create a site where everyone can be happy.

5. Joining a mob is easy! Just have your character approach the group submissively. If you're not sure what mob to join, we'd be happy to help you choose! If your character is under a year though, be sure to tell us how old they are!


When someone makes an honest mistake, it's easily forgivable as long as the member knows what they did was wrong.  Even expert roleplayers can powerplay sometimes.  If we got on everyone's case for every little mistake, Linklu would be a miserable place where no one could really enjoy playing their characters.  For more serious and intentional rulebreaking however, when a player repeatedly ignores the rules and takes advantage of our laid back and forgiving management, we may choose to ban the user temporarily.  The third time, however, you will be banned permanently.  As the saying goes, three strikes, and you're out.  HOWEVER! As long as everyone works together to follow the rules and be understanding of one another, you probably don't have to worry about being banned.  We've only had to ban a single person in all of Linklu's years; although there have been other conflicts, they were all eventually resolved.

Procedures & Notes

1. Because of changes in our busy schedules and decrease in activity, years ago we changed the gestation period to four weeks.

Linklu Rules (BETA) Untitl12

Bandit {conflicted} Sevuela {naive} Hortense {scheming} Violet {passionate} Liulfr {feisty} Temptation {tba}

Kitanda {dramatic} Moze {sensitive} Venom {outcast} Piper {annoying} 

Poison {ruthless} Tuhi {cautious} Tahu {courageous} Lewa {adventurous} Bleach {independent} Honeybee {meek} Alexandra {confident} Jazz {rebellious}

Penelope {friendly} Say It {responsible} Tumble {caring} Black Rose {wayward} Rhapsody {inquisitive} Gabby {innocent}

Makuta {sinister} Kaina {sadistic} White Night {twisted} Carnie {volatile} Amethyst {heroine} Skarmory {meek} Vespera {strange}

Lucille {ambitious} Mata Nui {gentle} Sohnii {serious} Rintan {reckless} Flufficus {quirky}

Krahka {fierce} Pancake {pacifist} Firefly {resilient}

Hudson, Hazelnut, Kiwi, Natalie, Ambrosia, Zion, Hutch, Fairy, Pixie, Angel, Sterling
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